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Tim's Disney News ArchiveHow did you start collecting Disney News?
Blame my parents.  They were big Disney fans and subscribed to Disney News for a couple of years starting in the Fall of 1966.  I inherited their Love of Disney gene (not to mention a packrat gene), so I hung on to all the old issues.  In 1971, mom and dad started a subscription in my name (I was 9).  I never cancelled it until Disney shut down Disney Magazine in 2005.

How did you complete your collection?
In the mid-90's, Disney News started selling their back issues.  I very quickly ordered the ones I needed to fill the gap from the late 60's and early 70's--it cost me over $300.00.  I also ordered duplicates to replace some of the older issues that had seen a lot of wear and tear over the years.  The only issues I was unable to get were the first three (Winter 1965-66, Spring 1966, Summer 1966).  For many years, I left the collection as it was.  Then in 2003, I started tinkering with the idea of devoting a website to Disney News and began a search for the missing issues.  Issues 2 and 3 were quickly found on eBay and Uncle Walt's Attic.  The very first issue remained elusive.  Finally, in January 2004, I found it on eBay in near mint condition.  The collection was complete!

Why a website?
50% to share, 50% to show off.  I've collected many Disney items over the years, particularly figurines and music, but the Disney News/Disney Magazine collection is the only one that is 100% complete.  I decided I could enjoy the collection and share it only with my friends and family (some of who are not huge Disney fans, go figure), or I could share it with Disney fanatics from around the world.  Easy choice.

Did you scan all the covers yourself?
Every single one.  Because of that, you'll see a fair share of creases, discolorations and mailing labels.  I've done my best to touch up some of the more noticeable blemishes, but what you see is the collection, warts and all.  Not to worry, though. All the issues are otherwise in excellent shape.

Why aren't all the issue summaries posted yet?
Basically, because I'm slow.  Also because I wanted to get this site up as quickly as possible after the closure of Disney Magazine.  Hopefully, posting the issues a few at a time will keep you coming back to check the progress.

Will you post any Disney News articles in their entirety?
I'm working on it.  I've contacted Disney, requesting permission to reprint specific articles.  I do respect copyrights, however, so until permission is received you'll only see article summaries.  If you'd like to know more about a particular article or topic, let me know and I'll be happy to share my thoughts with you.  On the flipside, if you have an opinion or insight--heck, if you see something I've put on here that's dead wrong--be sure to drop me a line

Is any part of the collection for sale?
No.  I occasionally sell (and sometimes buy) Disney News/Disney Magazine issues on eBay, but they're not from the original collection and won't be advertised on this site. 

Are you on Facebook?
Absolutely!  Become a fan of Tim's Disney News Archive: http://www.facebook.com/disneynewsarchive.

How about Twitter?
You betcha: http://twitter.com/disneytim

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